I’ve been busy reviewing books for Lip Mag recently. Reviewing books is a great way to discover new titles I may never have chanced upon before, and I must say young adult novel The Forgotten Pearl by Belinda Murrell is an amazing book. Set in Darwin during the WWII bombings, it completely opened my eyes to Australia’s fight during the Second World War.

No Ordinary Excuse is a book for a slightly younger audience, and features a protagonist with a wild imagination as she attempts to talk her way out of a school assignment.

Divine Clementine is Hayley S. Kirk’s debut novel, a young adult book about 16-year old Clementine Footner who witnesses her aunt’s death. This is a raw, open book about confronting everything life throws at you.

These three books, while aimed at similar age groups, all represent very different aspects of Australian writing. It is impossible to pigeon-hole these books into one category, and is a small sample representing the diversity of Australia’s fiction.

Considering this, I have decided that from now on, while I will continue to blog about new Australian books I discover (I am currently reading The Lost Woman by Sydney Smith, published by Text Publishing this year), I am also going to start blogging about Australian books I have read over the years and why I love them so much. After all, this blog is a celebration of Australian books, so why should I disregard all the wonderful books I’ve read so far!